Zuupy – Exploiting Facebook and the Crowd for Social Commerce

Social commerce is a growing trend and one that we here at sCommerce have been following since our inception.  Zuupy CrowdDeals is a service geared towards online merchants who want to build their customer base through the social networks of their customers and the incentivized crowd purchase.

Because the idea is so simple, it’s likely to gain a lot of favor quickly.

Participating merchants insert code which includes a Facebook Like button.  This is tied to a specific product page and the Zuupy shopping cart-like system.  The item has a regular price and s special deal price that is only unlocked with a specific number of people have Liked the page.  This gives incentive to the shopper to share the product and encourage their friends to do so as well.

For example, let’s assume you sell widgets.  Their normal price is $9.99 each plus shipping.  Your Zuupy deal is for the product to sell at $8.99 with free shipping.  When 100 people have hit the Like button on your item, all of those people who’ve liked it can now buy the product at the special deal price.

The deal doesn’t have to be product-centered either.  It can be a general store-wide coupon, a special add-on bonus to any order, or whatever the store owner would like.

The price for Zuupy?  Only $9.95/month (right now) with unlimited use.  The first 30 days are free.  This is a great idea that will probably catch on quickly.  It’s simple, useful, and straight-forward enough that it will attract attention.

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