Zenbe Lists – Simple To-Do for Your iPhone

zenbelistsmainFor iPhone users, the name “Zenbe” is nothing new.  This little app maker has created team collaboration apps for the iPhone that include Zenbe Mail and Shareflow to share email and files (respectively) through their phones.  Now the little app maker has Zenbe Lists to finish out the app suite.

The company, whose name is “Zen Be,” has become quite popular amongst iPhone users for their simple, useful, and well-built apps.  This new one, Lists, is stand-alone like the others, so it can be used separately or as part of the suite.

It’s a basic to-do list app that allows collaboration between team members who can edit, check off, or ad things to the list (which is stored on Zembe servers for centralization).  These update in near real-time for other team members.  This lets teams, whether they be work groups or a family working on a shopping list, collaborate and stay up-to-date on what’s happening with their tasks.

It uses most of the iPhone’s familiar functions such as check marking, swipe-delete gestures, etc. It’s greatest bonus, of course, is its ability to share with other iPhone users so it’s collaborative.  Most to-do apps for the iPhone are phone-only and aren’t easily shared (if they can be at all).

Other useful features include the ability to share current lists with others by simply tapping “share” and sending it via email as an insert/attachment.  This also allows you to offer your list to other users quickly, so they can synch their iPhone or iPod Touch using a quick link that’s been sent through your sharing.

Overall, it’s a very nicely done app and intuitive to use.  There are a lot of people who’ll likely find this a very useful app to have and well worth the download.  It’s available in the iTunes store.

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