Yahoo will release new Flickr app and design, finally

Last year, in May, Yahoo rolled out the latest version of the Flickr website and Android app, which came after a revamp of the Flickr app for iPhone and iPad. The updates were lauded by most in the blogosphere for their great style and functionality. It helped propel Flickr to new heights of popularity on the Web.

Now Yahoo plans yet another redesign and upgrade to the apps and website. That new design is set to come “in the next few weeks,” say Yahoo sources. One of the big changes will be, according to some, the removal of the Yahoo toolbar that annoying resides above the service’s app and website.

The new Flickr promises to streamline and better coordinate the app and website experience for more real-time updates to both in order to make the experience whole. Most of the site text is leaving the front page to make it a cleaner interface focused on, of course, photo sharing.

The impetus for the redesign? Languishing user interest. Despite a big jump in usage after the new design was revealed last year, usage has since been dropping by most metrics, being replaced by services like Facebook’s Instagram. Flickr is also still operating in the red, sources say, with a staff of over 100 people despite income of only about $25 million last year.

The recent hiring of Bernardo Hernandez, one of CEO Mayer’s friends from Google, to head up Flickr indicates that Yahoo is serious about making it a top contender again.

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