WriteSwap – a New Online Marketplace for Writers

There are plenty of marketplaces online where writers both seasoned and new can find work.  But there is a relatively new marketplace that has appeared on the scene and it is called WriteSwap.

The idea of the site is very simple.  Writers can join for free and offer services to buyers that they are allowed to suggest.  For example a writer can offer one or more blogs to be written on a certain subject (or on any subject) for a set fee.  Other categories include web articles, ebooks, email copy, press releases and research.

In addition buyers can suggest jobs they would like to have completed, to allow writers to create a job for them.  The site is a simple marketplace but its design makes it very accessible and it does stand out from the other markets online today.  The absence of bidding facilities means that writers can provide a set service at a set price.

Every writer also gets a profile page which can include links to other websites they own online.  All their jobs and services can be listed on this page to make it easier for potential buyers to work out whether a particular writer offers the service they are looking for.  There is also a facility to contact the seller to request a specific job if need be.  The site is only just starting to fill up with work but it looks set to be a good bet for the future for many writers.

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