Wridea – Manage Your Ideas And Brainstorming Sessions Online

WrideaEvery writer will understand the problem of keeping all those precious ideas in one place.  Notebooks might be quick and easy to use but they are also easy to lose.

Wridea aims to solve that problem by enabling writers to create a free account to keep all their ideas and brainstorming processes online instead of scattered around all over the place.

You can create different pages and categories to keep your ideas and suggestions organized.  This is good news if you are constantly coming up with fresh ideas, as the system allows you to update your ideas on the fly.

In addition to this, once you join the Wridea site you can take part in the community as well.  Collaborating and sharing ideas is also possible, although if you want to keep your ideas private and merely store them online in a secure way you can do this instead.

The site also comes with an API and various tools which allow you to make the most of it as you see fit.  If you have a particular idea or need you can use it to ensure the site works for you in just the way you want it to.

In short, Wridea looks to be a promising tool for all writers, no matter which area of writing they are involved in.  With a quick sign up process and lots to explore, more writers are finding and using this innovative tool every single day.

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