WPThemesNews In Case You Don’t Know WordPress

One of the latest sites to hit the web is a new startup called WPThemesNews.com, which purportedly catalogs all of the themes (both free and paid) for WordPress users. Since WP is the top application used to publish blogs and other web text, themes, schemes, and plug-ins for it are very popular. Until now, there really hasn’t been a place to go to find all of those available.

A couple of questions arise, though, about whether this is really something that’s needed. First, most current bloggers and web publishers who’re using WP are likely already aware of the sources for their apps and updates. This means that WPThemesNews.com will likely appeal mostly to new publishers. The second question is on the site itself: will WPThemesNews.com be an actual clearinghouse catalog for all of these sites, or will it just become another fake review site to excuse multiple affiliate links?

That question is what really matters. So far, WPThemesNews.com is doing no editorializing outside of grouping applications as “premium” and “free.” Advertising appears limited to the obvious, up-front advertisers on the page. Assuming the site stays this way, then it will indeed be a great resource for those looking to enhance their WP setup with new gizmos.

What I would like to see are more user-based additions for the site. User reviews of individual apps, similar to Amazon or CNET would be nice, but the site as it is now is a good start. Currently, all links are embedded in short descriptions in a press-release style archive. For most of us, this is probably all that we’d need since we can judge an app by its page or through forum searches and the like.

So I see WPThemesNews.com as a good site and a good start towards an all-inclusive catalog of new updates and apps for WordPress users who’re interested in tracking these things.

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