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The days of the Rolodex are long gone, at least in physical form.  Business cards are still the most popular way to trade contact information.  They’re relatively cheap, simple, and universally understood.  The problem is, they’re hard to keep track of, especially if you’re on the go.

Anyone who’s attended a large conference or business event knows that you usually leave with a stack of business cards.  Solutions for scanning those cards into desktops or notebook computers have been around for a while and many of them work well.  But what about your iPhone or mobile?

There are some solutions for this, but not many and so far, none that are really that good.  Until WorldCard, that is.

WorldCard Contacts is a contact management app that does what most CM tools do: it organizes contacts into usable groups for easy searching and location.  It goes a step further, however, and lets you use your phone’s camera to take a snapshot of a business card and store it as contact information as well.  Best of all, it integrates with your built-in iPhone contacts app so you don’t have to transfer or re-enter data.

One thing it’s missing is a good OCR, however.  It only takes photos of business cards, it doesn’t “read” them to extract any information.  That’s unfortunate as it requires you to enter that information yourself and stores the biz card only as a graphic to attach to a contact detail.  While this might make it easier to keep track of business cards, it doesn’t do much for aiding your contacts or finding them later.

Otherwise, it’s a great contacts list manager and tool for the iPhone and the interface, while dark, is slick and easy to use.  If you want it only for business card photos, however, you’re better off saving the download and just taking snapshots with the built-in camera instead.  There’s really little difference.

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