Word up: Cognition Technologies Supercharges Search With Semantic Map

From helping us land a decent Brunswick stew recipe, to finding snake venom antidotes in a pinch, Google is always there in times of comfort and crisis. But Google and other search engines can sometimes confuse, frustrate and bewilder. Although admittedly, it’s fun to see the smart kid get an occasional ‘F.’

Many claim that when the Web 3.0 “intelligent Web” revolution arrives, these minor inconveniences will become relics, as will a strict dependency on keyword search and SEO linking as we know it. Cognition Technologies moved us closer to the Web 3.0 threshold with the recent launch of its next-generation Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Cognition calls its new product the “world’s largest semantic map of the English language.” It includes more than 10 million semantic connections, which are designed to generate more intuitive, relevant search results. Think of it as the difference between memorizing and recall vs. truly understanding context and meaning. In other words, soon your computer will be smarter. Maybe even smarter than you. Just don’t name it HAL.

Los Angeles-based Cognition Technologies, which recently raised an additional $2.7 million in financing, says it has been developing the software technology behind NLP for more than 20 years. You can test it for yourself on

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