Wish Upon a Start-Up with Wishlistr

Odds are that with a crumby economy, we’ll feel more selfish than ever telling friends and family what we want wrapped up and mailed to us by the end of December. So why not ask for stuff the passive-aggressive way with Wishlistr, a Swedish app that does exactly what its name implies.

With Wishlistr, you can create a personalized wish list page with customizable templates where you list the material goods that will make your life more fulfilling. (Of course, you can find and view others’ lists, too.) You can also add links and notes, such as price, color preference and why exactly someone should buy the thingamajig you have your heart set on, but probably can’t afford. The tool also has a bookmarking widget that installs to your toolbar, which allows you mark cool new stuff as you surf the Web.

The AJAX-based Wishlistr is free and is accessible via OpenID. While the site is sharp and easy to use, crass consumerism is so 1999. Sure, the website is helpful for new moms, preteens who want to ensure mom and dad buy the right cell phone, and Bar Mitzvahs boys who don’t want to get Boggle. But Wishlistr could be helped with a philanthropic side project. Even the malls have Angel Trees.

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