Will Jobbite Hook Proactive Job Seekers

When it comes to punching the clock in today’s comatose economy, beggars can’t be choosers. When the jobs are few and the unemployed are many, the Big Boss Man has the power.

And that’s the biggest challenge facing the start-up, a new beta site encouraging workers to rate their employers. In an economy where everyone is swimming in a Scrooge McDuck vault of gold, people can be choosy and proactive about who they work for. And employers need to woo and kowtow to candidates accordingly.

But jobbite loses meaning in an economy in which we’re heading for Hoovervilles the Sequel. When you have job seekers armed with MBAs hoping to wear paper hats at Dairy Queen, businesses can ignore their employee image and focus solely on not going bankrupt.

All that said, jobbite tackles a ratings and review channel that’s actually not over saturated. One of its cooler tools allows you to rate the culture with adjective such as “cut throat” and “team oriented.” But other than being able to comment on others’ employer reviews and sending them to a friend, cool Web 2.0 features are lacking. Wouldn’t it be sweet to be able to upload pictures of the scars you got cleaning the grease trap at Burger King – or a fun video of having to clean filthy bathrooms at Enterprise wearing a suit?

Maybe the developers are waiting until jobbite hits the content threshold. Hopefully it will happen before Ramen Noodles buys a Super Bowl ad for cool grand.

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  1. Because it is hard to find a job applicants can't manage to be choosy when it comes to job hunting for there are only several opportunities out there


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