Why Outsource?  Here Is Why

Why Outsource? Here Is Why

Recently I went through the time intensive process of trying to find the right person/group to make a new blog I was creating as a review site.  My search initially started by looking through some other customized blogs, and contacting the names of the developers who were listed on the bottom of the page.  As you look around there aren’t that many incredibly designed blogs out there, so my search was easy to narrow down quickly.  You would think since many of the bloggers are reviewing others sites, that they, themselves, would take the time to make their design as good as possible.

After interviewing several candidates, I thought I found the right guy for the job.  His design seemed cutting edge and he seemed easy to work with.  Plus he was American, so I thought this would go smoothly.  Up to this point all other sites I have made have been outsourced to freelancers in India, Bulgaria, Argentina, and too many others to list.  Since I was building this as my own pet project, I wanted someone local that would understand the culture I was after.

The new developer I hired, immediately set me up on basecamp, and things seemed to be getting expedited amazing fast.  This all stopped after I sent my first paypal.  The price we originally agreed on quickly turned into double.  Obviously I questioned the new budget, only to be told it was harder then he thought, and he had other projects that were paying more that he was working on.  All this terrible experience did, was set me back four weeks.  Not only did I have to ponder why I had hired this inept freelancer locally, but why I didn’t just go and outsource the project to a freelancer in another country from the start.

Without even thinking about it, I set my sites on a developer I have used several times in India.  Although I have done numerous projects with him, I wasn’t aware he could help me with a wordpress theme.  After one discussion I was sent a design that I was ultimately pleased with, and 2 days later I had my blog up and running.  Two days – compared to four weeks, with zero progress.

Obviously, one bad experience doesn’t add a negative connotation to every freelancer here in America.  This should teach the freelancers locally, that you are dispensable.  If you are not offering quality service at an affordable price, customers will find help elsewhere.  Usually offshore.  No need to cry over losing jobs to outsourcing, when the main reason jobs are lost to outsourced freelancers, is because of your ego.

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