Why 1800Flowers Is Afraid

Today is Valentine’s Day.  It’s the day that hundreds of thousands of people send flowers to their loved ones in honor of the day of love.  It’s the biggest day of the year for florists everywhere – none more so than the industry’s online giant, 1800Flowers.

But not for long.

A company that’s been in business since 1999 has created an innovation that could change the way you buy flowers.  Or the way you sell them, depending on your frame of mind.

FloristOne is a company that has been selling flowers online since 1999 as part of the FTD network.  FloristOne (aka Flowers Across America) has built an application protocol interface (API) that allows anyone with a website to sell flowers.

This means that funeral homes, wedding planners, charities.. anyone who wants can now offer flowers for sale as part of their website.  All without leaving the website.  This is where the revolution comes in.

The API could be used in potentially limitless ways.  This is why it’s exciting and why I think it should spread to other businesses and products.  Why stop with flowers?

With the FloristOne API, a user of a dating site could send flowers, anonymously and/or without knowing the personal information of whoever they’re sending the flowers to.  All through the dating site itself, which also gets a commission on the sale.  Now expand that.

What if users of that same dating site could also send chocolates?  Prepaid phone cards to facilitate communication?  Web cams to hookups that don’t have them?  Now move on to other sites with other clientele.

What about an online learning portal that offers books for sale without having to exit-link to Amazon?  A car repair site that doesn’t have to exit-link to another site to sell automotive parts?

The possibilities for a near-seamless Web are huge.  That’s what makes FloristOne’s API exciting.  Hopefully, this idea spreads.  And quick.

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