WhereMark – Augmented Reality for Your iPhone

wheremark_capThere are a lot of apps that change how we perceive the Web’s reality.  We’ve seen Akoha for “social gaming” online and many other sites that create everything from 3-dimensional Web browsing to sound effects for Facebook.  Now, there’s an iPhone app for that.

Well, not those things specifically, but for Web augmentation in general.  WhereMark.com seeks to combine your phone’s camera with real-time data based on what’s being seen.  It uses a variety of technologies to do this, including GPS, to search the ‘Net for information on the location being seen and display it, first person shooter-style, on the bottom of the screen under the image.

The app isn’t officially released yet, but will be soon.

My overly-simplfied explanation above gives the basics, but there is more to this app than just showing you stuff that’s right in front of you.  The video from WhereMark, below, explains this in more detail.

To be honest, the technology for WhereMark isn’t really new, but it’s being utilized in a much more fluid and probably useful way than many of its current competitors such as Wikitude.  The game-like display, the easy-to-follow link icons, and the useful types of information that this video shows WhereMark to be capable of definitely give it a big leg up over others I’ve looked at.

The real question, of course, will come with real-world functionality.  The app will be free to download and use, so it will definitely be worth checking out.

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