When Your Apple Obsession Needs Wheels

So, you think you’re a real Apple fan, huh?  A real freak when it comes to the gadgets of Steve Jobs?  A connoisseur of Eve’s temptation?

Ya, right.  Not if you don’t have an iBrabus, you aren’t.

What’s an iBrabus?

Well, it’s an ultra-luxury car fitted with all of the accoutrement fitting the Brabus outfitter’s name plus an Apple geek’s dream come true.  No less than half a dozen computers grace the interior of this car.  All with the Apple logo on them.

The car begins as a top-line Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan which is then pimped with the Brabus luxury fittings package (lambskin seating, extra wood and chrome, an even more finely tuned SV12 R engine, etc.).  To that is added a tidal wave of Apple Computing.

Special seat trays extend from the rear seats so that passengers can set their iPads (which have storage pouches in the armrest between seats) out for use on the road.  A keyboard on the right-hand also controls a full Mac that rides in the trunk of the car (with it’s own WiFi).  Televisions are mounted in the back of the headrests as well and a drop-down monitor from the ceiling at center is controlled by the trunk-mounted Mac.

An iPhone dock sits between passengers while up front, another iPhone doc is also available in the console.  A bulit-in iPhone graces the dashboard to control whatever is needed while all in-car computers are networked and able to control non-critical functions such as lighting, climate controls, televisions channels, and so forth.

The cost of all of this Apple-fitted luxury?  Only $447,000.  Cheap.

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