What Venture Do You Dig

What venture do you dig? More than 800 people have submitted their thoughts on the new Microblogging platform Venturedig. Designed by venture capitalist Scott Scheper, the site creates a two way dialogue between venture capitalists searching for the next Google and entrepreneurs pursing their dream idea. More than 1,000 people from more than 60 different countries have visited the site in the first month of operation with new users joining every day.

Users must post their comments in 140 characters.

“Networking in venture capital is imperative for success and connecting with people online is becoming a vital part of the business.” said Scheper. “My goal was to create something that would further the discussion of ventures in a way that is beneficial for both the entrepreneur and the investor.”

Other sites that involve venture capital discussion have become places for entrepreneurs to vent and degrade the industry for not supporting their idea.

“Venturedig.com is not a place, nor will it become a place, where people attack each other,” commented Scheper. “The site will remain loyal to the discussion of new ventures that are of interest to users.”

Venturedig.com was built on an open-source platform by Scheper over a weekend. Scheper plans to expand the site include twitter integration (a large, general micro-blogg), which will make the site more accessible for users. VentureDig.com gives venture capitalists and entrepreneurs outlet for dialogue.

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