Webs Survey Reveals Facebook is Most Used Social Media Site Among Small Businesses

Most people realise that social media is a good way to connect with potential customers online.  This seems to have been born through the results of a recent survey undertaken by Webs.com.  Just over 1100 people were surveyed on social media topics, and 89% of them said they had used Facebook for business purposes.

The actual number of small business owners who were regularly using Facebook for business was some 20% lower though, with 68% of people surveyed saying they used Facebook in this way.

But perhaps most interestingly of all is the accessibility and ease that many business owners said Facebook offered them.  Many users actually focus on Facebook more than they do on their own business blog.  Since more than 40% of people surveyed use social media sites primarily for finding new customers, it would seem that Facebook is enabling them to do this quite easily.

The survey also revealed that the best results from social media efforts were found when more time was devoted to them.  It seems that the accumulated experience of using social media added up to better results as time went on.

It is no big surprise to learn that small businesses are making good use of social media sites such as Facebook.  Those people who are not yet using it aim to do so in the future, according to the report.  It is not hard to see why, given the success achieved by their peers.

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