Webgiftr – When Facebook Gifts Aren’t Good Enough

If you’re big on Facebook and all your friends are too, you’ve probably gone through all of the Facebook Giftshop icons and are looking for something more. Especially with the holidays coming up. Webgiftr.com hopes you’ll turn to them.

The site has a plugin to Facebook that allows your friends to shop through Webgiftr off your profile page and buy products for you. Best of all, you don’t have to give them your address for the items to be sent, so privacy is kept total.

Products of all kinds are available, from jewelry to televisions to games and movies. So there’s sure to be something for everyone on your list. Webgiftr also alerts you to upcoming birthdays, holidays, and so forth so you can be sure to be on the ball when those events come up. There is also a “share and rate” tool that allows you to share your favorite retailers, restaurants, etc. and rate them, which can also be used as a subtle way to steering potential gift-givers towards your favorites.

Aimed at the consumer class whose life is full of online buddies that may not be real-life buddies, the site has some promise. It’s limited to Facebook, however, though a small widget that leads to Webgiftr can be plugged into almost any website.

The site is owned by WebPersonalAssistant.com and is currently in beta, but is free to sign up with.

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