Weather Channel Acquires Weather Underground

When we talk about Web-based weather reporting, most people think of the Weather Channel ( and Weather Underground (  Soon they’ll be one and the same as The Weather Channel Companies have agreed to purchase Weather Underground for an undisclosed sum.

Upstart Weather Underground has quickly moved to become one of the top destinations online for weather-related information, with aggressive positioning and marketing as well as its very strong presence in mobile.  The Weather Channel says that Underground will continue operations as-is, acting as TWC’s online presence, especially in mobile and other fronts where TWC has come up short.

“Everyone in the weather space is familiar with the strength of Weather Underground and its innovative method of presenting weather data. Weather Underground will add a great complementary, brand to our portfolio, a brand with a distinct, loyal, and active user base that will enable us to reach a unique segment of users,” said The Weather Channel Companies CEO David Kenny. “Most importantly, this acquisition will grow the weather expertise that is central to everything we do and will result in better forecasts and weather data for users on all of our platforms.”

Weather Underground’s San Francisco headquarters will become a west coast regional office for TWC.

What can we expect to see in the coming months after this transaction is complete?  I expect that will begin to integrate many of the things seen on Weather Underground’s website into its own platform and that the apps will eventually carry TWC logos and branding.  Hopefully, the innovation of Underground is not lost during the absorption into TWC.

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