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Social networking goes green on We Add Up. If you’re into climate change, global warming, Al Gore, and t-shirts, then this is the site for you. The idea is simple: join the site, get involved with like-minded people, pay some money, get a shirt with your green number on it. Green t-shirts will save the world.

Alright, maybe not. Still, the plan behind this site is pretty grass roots, to say the least.

First, you have to buy into the fact that global warming is a human-caused phenomenon. That basic premise is at the heart of the site. I won’t go into whether it is or isn’t fact or fiction, but it is pretty key to this site’s whole concept. Next, you need to want to make change in how humans cause that global warming. Then you have to sign up for the site and get a number.

I keep coming back to the number because the t-shirt the site features prominently gives you a number based on when you sign up. So if you’re user 8,796 to sign up, you get a shirt with that number printed on it. I literally had a hard time getting past that to get into the rest of the site’s concept, which is to socially network, like-minded climate change activists.

“Be unique like everyone else” is the phrase I keep coming up with here. “Together, we make change as individuals.” Don’t be surprised if that comes up trademarked somewhere too. I’ve tried really hard not to make social commentary the cornerstone of this article, but I just can’t help myself.

Alright, back to the site. WeAddUp.com has most of the social aspects you’d expect from a site like this: a blog/news feed, access through Twitter and other popular networking sites, affiliate and fundraising information, and products (green, of course) to sell. Honestly, other than the nice design layout and clean site feed and build, there isn’t anything truly new or original here. Nothing you won’t find on most half-activist, half-estore sites, anyways.

So if climate change is your thing and you want to get involved and get a t-shirt with a number on it, WeAddUp.com is the place for you.

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