Wazala Makes Ecommerce Easy For Blog Owners

wazalaIf you own a blog, the chances are that you have thought of monetizing it and bringing in some additional income. There are various methods of earning money from blogging, but enter Wazala, which promises to help you make the process even easier.

Up until now it has been very difficult to integrate sales opportunities into any existing blog or site. You can add individual items, and if you have some coding experience perhaps even an online checkout, but if you wanted to integrate an entire store into your blog then you would be forgiven for not knowing where to begin.

Now however you can try Wazala – completely free of charge – which enables you to add up to five products to your site. The service is free, but Wazala also offers a fifteen day trial of each of its paid plans. These are labelled as Small, Medium and Large and they each offer a more advanced proposal to think about. Apparently the Medium sized plan is the most popular option, with the ability to add up to 100 products to your site.

The plan works by adding a store button to your existing site. This enables potential buyers to go through to your store via your website, making the shopping experience a much easier and less complicated affair for your customers, and hopefully enabling you to earn more sales.

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  1. We love Wazala, what a great app.


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