Vyoopoint – Presenting Visual Designs Simply

vyoopoint.pngHeads up, designers! This one’s for you. One of the roughest things in the graphic design business is showing designs to non-savvy clients. Especially when there are a lot of them on the “team.”

Vyoopoint makes this much simpler by allowing not only easy uploading and sharing, but also threaded commentary, marked updates, and more.

The site works very simply and extremely well. It’s designed with real-world experience backing the concept. Uploading designs is simple and then comments and updated designs are tracked through a storyboard-like format. In this way, the comments and input are presented and matched with the design to which they refer.

As updates are made (new design graphics uploaded), comments are cleared for the new upload, but kept attached to the old design in the earlier sequence of the storyboard. This is a great, visual, and easily-understood way to present a visual concept to your clients and makes for very easy interaction.

The site is simple to use and requires little technical knowledge to use. It’s entire Web-based, so there’s no apps or downloads. The presentation screens are extremely clean and free of “tools” that tend to distract from the design at hand.

You can even build graphics to act as if they were a website, so they appear in a browser as they would when online. This makes Web design much easier for the client to understand on-screen.

Presentations can be totally private or made public for anyone browsing through to view. Comments are likewise able to be toggled public or private.

Vyoopoint integrates very well with Basecamp, for those who use that app, and in both directions. So Basecamp info can be sent to Vyoopoint and back again. Vyoopoint even accepts swf, mov, etc.

The site is free to try and well worth the trouble. Many designers will find this to be a great way to present to clients and even co-workers without the clutter of design tools or screen captures.

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