VirtualWorks and the Universal Index

Ever want your own, private Google to use in your business enterprise so that you can find all of your information quickly, easy, and more importantly, when you need it?

That’s the idea behind VirtualWorks, a Boca Raton, Florida-based company founded in 2009 when it moved from Norway and received the tutelage of Ed Iacobucci (co-founder of Citrix Systems).

The Universal Index is the core technology behind VirtualWorks and is, simply, a full index of all files and their contents on an enterprise’s network.  A way to tackle “data sprawl,” the idea is to pull every bit of content into one database that is fully indexed and easily queried.  Like I said: Google for the private network.

In today’s world where corporate data is spread across several systems and networks and even geographically spread to boot, finding ways to better manage all of that data so it’s still accessible and useful to the business is not easy.  Sure, CRM or ERP might be controlled and accessible, but are they unified or cross referenced at all?  What about other data like email and documents?

There are a lot of ways to collaborate, share, and utilize data amongst multiple users, but very few ways to make the data fully accessible – no matter whether all people involved know it exists or not.  A lone document on a corporate server can be the key to unlock a deal or change how management is looking at things, but if no one knows it’s there..

This, I think, is where it’s going to be for databases in the near future.  As data sprawl grows, so will the need for solutions like VirtualWorks.  Expect this type of technology to become more and more prevalent.

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