ViewMyBuild: Bringing Home Builders and Buyers Together

picture-25Anyone who’s purchased land and hired a contractor to build a home from scratch knows that the process involves a lot of communication and collaboration. Contractors spend a lot of time on their phones, much of that with the client. hopes to lessen this burden.

The site has two aspects: one meant for the builder and one for the buyer. Both sides have similar tools, with some changes. The builder, for instance, has full control over certain types of updates like permit approvals, building milestones, etc. The buyer has the ability to request changes or provide documentation as needed.

Decision-making for smaller changes (like paint color) or contractual upgrades can be marked and signed off on as well, though obviously major changes should involve some paperwork. A calendar of activity/milestones is created when the job is started so that the contractor can easily keep the buyer up-to-date on where the build is versus where it should be.

A twitter-style feed allows for quick messaging and can be integrated with SMS for on-the-go updating, if desired. Documents can be scanned and uploaded for sharing between builder and client as well. This is useful for receipts, contract updates, and so forth.

ViewMyBuild has a lot of great tools and is easy to use. They are located in Provo, Utah and the software/website is free to try. It is usually set up by the builder.

Builders can manage multiple projects through the site, simplifying their processes and (hopefully) cutting down on phone time. The added work of taking photos for updates doesn’t take much, especially if you have a camera phone you can send them from.

Check out the ViewMyBuild online demos for both homeowners and builders and see if it’s right for you. There’s a lot here and I suspect many will find it useful.

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