VidVend – Stock Videos for the Hungry Site Visitor

vidvendWhen it comes to unique sites that fill a very definite and specific niche, no one would argue that is definitely one of those that more than fulfills those criteria.  If you need stock videos (instead of stock photography) and those videos need to be about cooking, this is the site for you.

The videos are unbranded and you can browse them for free (free videos have the VidVend brand embedded).  Once you find the video you want, you license it in either high-def or standard Web, download or link and embed it into your site for streaming.

The videos are all about cooking, from deserts to main courses, from BBQ to five-star dishes.  Although I didn’t see pizza, so I’m formally putting in my request that they ad this, the greatest of all culinary endeavors, and repair this glaring scar on their otherwise great website.

There are a lot of videos to choose from, featuring top-notch chefs making many kinds of dishes.  Recipes range from simple how-to’s for specific ingredients to full blown Mexican, Italian, American, Asian, and European cuisine.

VidVend is a natural offshoot of the LookandTaste video cooking site, which features free how-to videos on the same vein (though not always as professionally-made).  Both sites are owned by iFoods Limited, an Irish company.

Pricing for video licenses range from €49 and up, depending on your license needs.  Videos can be purchased for exclusive ownership and use or for regular usage (non-exclusive) rights for two years.  Videos purchased with either license can be customized (adding logos, captioning, etc.) and can be re-sold as part of a package to clients or for marketing, but not as a single unit.

Full recipe videos include written recipes with ingredients list, and all videos include a high quality still image for easy promotion.  So a video package includes just about everything most people could ask for and are ready-for-use.

VidVend is a very unique, well-done, and quality website.   Definitely one to watch.

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