VideoLobby – Create Professional, Branded Webcasts

videolobbyThere are a lot of live streaming vendors and recorded video dissemination sites around the Web.  Only a few of them have the ability to do anything beyond recording you on your webcam and streaming that online.  The Webcasting phenomenon is really still in its infancy and services will continue to improve.

One improvement is from, which allows users to use templates to create professional-looking website pages around a streaming video feed while also templating the feed itself to make it appear more professional.  It also integrates background comment moderation, social networking inputs, and more.

VideoLobby is not a stand-alone product, however, and provides all of the above, but not the actual video streaming itself.  That comes from any of the myriad of already-available video streaming sites like, Ustream, etc.

VideoLobby is part of the library of ad-on services produced by Urban’s Smib.  VideoLobby is an entirely free service.

What is supplied are templates for clean, basically clutter-free stream pages without third party advertising and full customization opportunities.  This means you can integrate your VideoLobby stream into your own site so that a video streamed from UStream, for instance, could be hosted on rather than having to go to a UStream page to view it.  While this cuts out much of the on-site integration that some video streaming services offer with chat and so forth, those are pulled in along with Twitter and Facebook comments as well.

These appear wherever you choose to embed them on the page (usually below the video, obviously).  This gives both live audience interaction as well as a custom, slick video feed portal.

Recorded episodes can be archived on another page, through VideoLobby’s interface, to allow for easy commentary and automatic archiving with the newest episode appearing on the page when it’s available.

This is a great service and it’s definitely worth looking at if you do any kind of video blogging or professional webcasting.  This is the next step in the evolution of live video streaming on the Web for small and single-person projects.  Any software like this that enables people to more easily and professionally work online is a good thing.

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