Verified Celebrity Accounts Coming for the Google+ Service

According to a variety of news reports that have been published in the last few days, it looks as though Google may be following in the footsteps of Twitter when it comes to celebrity accounts.

While there is no firm news surrounding this idea as yet, verified accounts have worked well for Twitter.  Before it started using them users did not know whether a particular account was run by the real celebrity or a fake.  Now it is easy to see whether you are following the real deal, whoever it might be.  It would make perfect sense for Google to go the same way and ensure all their celebrity users are verified.

Some celebrities have already been making headlines due to their decision to use Google+. William Shatner is one of the most notable, as his Google+ account was suspended for a few hours the other day.  He has no idea why, other than finding out that his account violated the Google+ standards.  Up to the point where he was suspended, he had done nothing more than say hello.

Google+ is still in beta mode at the moment, so perhaps we can expect lots of changes as things are ironed out.  But the addition of new celebrity verified accounts would certainly be a good thing if the social network does decide to copy Twitter in this respect.  It would benefit from some publicity in this respect, if only to detract attention away from the buggy start it has had so far.

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