Verdict against Samsung stands

Following additional deliberations, a US jury left the total damages to be paid by Samsung to Apple unchanged at US$119.6 million.

In the latest Apple versus Samsung trial, the Cupertino-company accused the South Korean phone maker of infringing Apple smartphone patents, something that was denied by Samsung.

The case involved five of Apple’s patents that were not included in the 2012 trial that deal with iPhone features like search technology and slide-to-unlock.

The eight-person jury found Samsung to have infringed two Apple patents, while the judge ruled on a separate decision back in January that Samsung had violated a third patent.

Meanwhile, Apple was also found to have violated one of Samsung’s patents. The jury ordered Apple to pay Samsung US$158,400 in damages, while the South Korean company was ordered to pay Apple the amount of US$119.6 million.

However, lawyers for Apple claimed that the jurors committed a technical error in awarding Apple damages on a patent involving one of Samsung’s phones. As a result, the jury reconvened on Monday to resolve the issue.

The trial saw the two tech leaders sparring over how Google’s work on the software utilised in Samsung units affects the patent claims of Apple.

While Google was not involved in the case, Samsung pointed out during the trial that some of the features claimed to be owned by Apple were actually invented by Google. The company even called various executives from Google to testify on their behalf.

In an interview, jury foreman Tom Dunham said that the participation of Google had not factored much during the deliberations by the jurors.

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