VapURL – Shortening Service For Temporary Use

vapurl.pngThere is literally no end to the number of URL shortening services out there right now.  If you’ve got a link,,, or any of a thousand others will make it shorter so you can tweet, email, post, Facebook, or whatever you want to do with that link.

Far from being just another URL shortener, though, is something more.  It’s also a temporary domain service for disposable links.  In other words, VapURL creates expiring links.  You have complete control over how long the link lasts (by time or clicks) and where it points when it’s clicked on.

It’s a combination link shortener, disposal, and anonymous linking service.  There’s no registration or signup required to use VapURL, you just put in your link, set the parameters, and grab the shortened outcome.  That’s it.

So, for instance, you decide to put in as your link to be shortened.  You do that, then you set the expiration to be after 5 visits or 1 day, you grab the short link (in this case and you share or post it however you’d like.  The URL will be there for five clicks or a full day, according to your specifications.

This is great for a lot of uses, like limited campaigns for sales and marketing, temporary links you want to set up so that someone can do something once, but not go there again (say file sharing on a limited-bandwidth server), etc. There is also a small “info” link at the bottom of the page where you can put in the VapURL code (the end of any VapURL link) to get information on it without triggering the event parameters.

VapURL is no-frills, no fancy graphics, no fuss.  It rivals Google in its simple page setup and loading time and is a highly useful niche item.   It even has an API for those interested in setting it up to work with something else. Definitely a great app, though without any visible means of funding itself.  It is currently in beta.

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  2. vapURL is dead already – there is nothing when you go to their domain 🙁 Too bad, was looking for something like that.


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