Vacation Rental Sites Comparisons (Part II)

images1In this, part two of our vacation rentals site comparison, we’ll look at three more sites and what their strengths, weaknesses, and user’s commentary are. Then we’ll finish with a summary of both parts of this review and what our favorite vacation rental site from this list is.
otalor5This site is a search aggregator, not a listing source, and pulls information from several other sites. It acts as a sort of central search engine for vacation rentals. The site just launched and has a total of 200,000 listings so far in its database. It was founded by Michael Giles (of Furl) and Baer Tierkel.

The site’s income comes from commissions for referring customers to other sites, since once your search is complete, your results are links to other sites with rental properties that match your criteria. The site itself is slick and extremely functional. First, choose a continent/country, then refine your search further (on the map) or just enter a location directly (such as “Paris, Idaho”). Listings come up at each refinement stage and you can further narrow by number of rooms, amenities, and so forth.

The greatest weakness of this site, currently, is its dependence on other sites for results. Since none of the listings are with itself, some outdated listings are obviously possible. This is a small problem, though, when the number of available listings at any time is so large on this site’s database. Especially when compared to the arduous task of going from rental site to rental site to search, search, and search again for your prime spot at the right price.
picture-53This site is also owned by (see Part I), but of the three clone sites is the more easily-used. It offers little to differentiate itself from other than site design. See the review in Part I of this review series for more information.
vrbo_logo1Of all those on this list, is probably the oldest of the vacation rental sites online. VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner and is just that: a site that lists vacation rental properties, listed by the owners themselves. So you won’t find a lot of quasi-hotels or motels in their listings, mainly just homes and the occasional apartment/condo.

One user to this site has been on multiple vacations, with accommodations being done through In all instances, his accommodations were homey and as expected and were much cheaper than local hotels or resorts and with more amenities. One of the benefits of owner-driven sites like this are the bonuses that can come with the rental, like free rides to and from the airport.

All in all, seems to be an experienced setup that’s easy to use. The site isn’t hard to navigate and we found few negatives to mention. Since it is owner-driven, however, listings are not always current. Check at the bottom of each listing’s detail page to see when the page was last updated.

Summing Up
Choosing from these sites was not easy. The “big three” on the list (,, and are all great resources with a lot to offer. In the end, however, we settled on with as a close and useful second choice when just doesn’t quite have what you need for a specific vacation. is a more homey, personal site than and has a more human feel to it. In addition, the listings are truly homes and condos owned by the people who’re listing them and you’re more likely than not going to meet the person whose home you’re renting for your vacation stay. This means the entire experience is a more person-to-person interaction and therefore meets what most non-resort-stayers would expect from this style of vacationing.


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  1. Good review. Just what I was looking for.
    craigslist is another good site. They have a “vacation rentals” category, broken down by region.

  2. is the oldest of the vacation rental sites online. VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner and is just a website that lists vacation rental properties.

  3. Perfect – Just what I was looking for. Thanks for showing this!

  4. Perfect – Just what I was looking for. Thanks for showing this!

  5. there are many holiday's vacation rental i am going to have vacation in florida.

  6. there are many holiday's vacation rental i am going to have vacation in florida.

  7. Ian Thompson

    Each of the sites presented here have their own pros and distinctive features. I've been traveling for a while now, mostly on official business. And since I'm moving from one place to another frequently, I've already built my own list of preferred apartments to stay. I've already used some of the sites listed in this post, and I have been using Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to look for other things.

    Two months ago, I went to Manhattan for a one-week stay. I can't clearly remember the site I was using, but I was fortunate to find these vacation apartment rentals (New York City) listings. I was able to get all the information I needed, and as expected, the apartment was top-notch with the best amenities and attentive staff.

  8. You need specify one country, different sites are specialized in different country or community too. try this

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