UStart – Creating A Start Page That Fits Your Needs Precisely

ustart logoMost computers have a start page it defaults to when you first get online.  But you can change that start page to be anything you want.  This takes just a couple of clicks and pages such as the MSN home page or the Google home page are commonly chosen by many people.

But if you have ever been frustrated at the limitations of such pages, you will love UStart.  UStart gives you the opportunity to create your own ideal start page, no matter what you might want on it.  The service is completely free of charge and it doesn’t take long to create a page you will be happy with.

Once you have registered you can customize your page to appear however you want it to.  If you have social media accounts with the likes of Twitter and Facebook you can include those as well.  Email accounts, news pages and various other feeds and items can also be rearranged on your page.  You can also add lots of links to all kinds of sites on the page, making it easy to access your favorite sites whenever you want to.

You can also add events to the calendar and save your page so that you are able to gain access to it from another computer if you wish.  All of this is stored securely online to make this a pleasant  service to use.

In short, looks to be a popular new addition to the start page group of sites.

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