Uruky – Simple Billing, if You Don’t Mind Typos

There are certainly no shortage of online billing apps to choose from around the Web.  No matter your need, there is likely an app to fill it.  Uruky is another one of these, focused mainly on the small business or freelancer, though not geared specifically towards developers as some others are.

In reviewing this app, I did have a hard time staying objective because there is hardly a page on the Uruky site that doesn’t have at least one typo, misspelling, or just badly-made sentence.  It’s hard to keep a professional eye when faced with unprofessional site copy.

The unusual name for the site doesn’t come from the Uruk from Lord of the Rings, but instead from the ancient city of Uruk in Babylonia – considered the first seat of commerce in the western world.  The app itself is made by SilverStripers, a Sri Lanka-based open source development group.

The app itself, although fraught with typos, is simple to use and has a learning curve measured in minutes.  In about ten minutes, you can have your account set up, three clients entered, and be sending your first invoice.  It’s that simple and easy.  The invoicing supports branding and is (thankfully, because of typos) fully customizable.

Pricing begins at the free version, which allows you the basics like creating invoices, customizing the invoice headers, etc.  The paid version is only $5/month and includes a lot more like CSV output and PDF invoices send to clients.  Automated invoice reminders are a nice bonus.

Overall, the app is easy to use and does the job, but there are plenty of others that do the same around the ‘Net.  Most are about the same, really.

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