Urban Ninja – Piloting Francois the Chubby French Ninja

Your name is Francois.  You’re French.  You are a ninja.  You have 40 missions to complete.  You’re overweight.  Your enemies are deadly.  You tire easily.  Life is never simple.

In this game, you guide Francois through various obstacles.  Think of it as Mario Bros with the ability to cling to walls and other obstacles, plus a purple one-piece leotard.  And without the annoying background music.  Your goal is to complete each level without running out of energy.  Everything depletes your energy except the stars scattered around buildings and obstacles, which replenish it.

Movement is controlled mostly with finger gestures.  To jump, which is the most basic movement in the game, you put your finger near Francois and drag it quickly in the direction you want him to go.

There are two problems I have with this game, though.  First, your jumps are always the same distance, so how far you drag or how high you go with your finger does nothing to affect the jump.  Second, you can’t climb anything.  So while you can grab the sides of buildings, power poles, etc., you can’t actually climb them.  This makes no sense.

Given some of the obstacles in the game and what they’re obviously intended for (a zip line would be for… zipping on, right?), this not being able to climb or move without jumping is kind of annoying.

Otherwise, though, this is a very addicting game.  It’s fun to play and worth the price and download from the App Store.

Urban Ninja is made by Donut Games and is available for download on the iPhone at the App Store.

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