UK Pollen Forecast iPhone App

If you suffer from hay fever you will know how miserable the summer can be.  You can fare better though if you manage to keep ahead of the pollen forecast so you know what to expect every day.

The pollen forecast iPhone app from Clarityn Allergy gives you exactly the knowledge you need in this situation. It is very easy to use and it uses your location in the UK to tell you how high or low the pollen count is at any specific time. You might be tempted to think the graphics are accurate – it shows your exact surroundings with pollen particles floating round as little red dots on your screen.  This is a gimmick of course but it is no less excellent for that.

The app also provides you with advice on things you can do to prevent yourself being affected by pollen quite so severely. It also shows you a national forecast for the day ahead, which uses a very simple colour code to enable you to see how bad the pollen is. Red is the highest level while it then goes through orange and yellow.  It is all very simple, very quick to use and definitely a big advantage for hay fever sufferers.

You can also check the pollen forecast for the following day, so if you are out and about you will find this useful as well. All in all this is an accurate and useful app with the added fun of the animated pollen!

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