UK Facebook Numbers Are Dropping to a New Low

Most people would agree that Facebook is still the leader of the pack as far as social media use in the UK is concerned.  However the latest traffic figures to be released show that the social networking site has experienced a drop in visitors over the past few weeks.

Facebook accounted for 53.7% of all social network visits during June of this year.  Yet just one month later that figure had dropped to 50.1%.  It has long been touted that Facebook had more than half of the UK market in social media visits, but now it would seem as if it is barely holding on to that fact.  This is apparently the lowest percentage Facebook has seen since the latter months of 2009.

The speculation now is whether Facebook has reached the peak of its traffic.  Clearly there must come a point where the social networking site has signed up all the people it possibly can who are interested in using the site.  The sign-ups will then start to slow down and dwindle, and page views will then start to suffer as well.

Anyone who is dubious of this idea should remember what happened to MySpace – previously the most successful social media site there was.  It is hard to believe that Facebook could end up in the same place, but there has to be a peak somewhere.  People are now starting to wonder whether we are finally seeing that peak in action.

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