UFO on TAPE – the Quirky iPhone Game You Won’t Put Down

At first glance, this game looks really, well, stupid.  I mean, how hard can it be to move your phone around a little and keep up with a flying saucer?  Well, it’s not only challenging, but this insanely simple idea for a game is extremely (and I mean “wear a diaper, you ain’t goin’ anywhere”) addicting.

The gist of the game is simple.  You are driving along with a friend (who’s driving the car) and you see a UFO.  So you quickly whip out the iPhone (or iPod Touch) to start recording it on camera.  The problem?  The car is moving, things occasionally obstruct the horizon, and the UFO doesn’t exactly hold a steady pace in a linear direction.

All of the game’s controls are entirely you holding the phone and moving it around.  No buttons or gestures, just you moving the phone to keep the “camera” on the UFO.  The obstructions on the horizon that whizz by include buildings, birds, power lines, and more.

The longer you can hold the UFO in the frame, the higher your score.  When the UFO goes off-frame, the battery indicator for the phone begins to drop.  If it empties, you’ve lost the UFO.

Simple, somewhat dumb, but very, very addicting and fun.

The game is available in the App Store and was made by Revolutionary Concepts, an Australian company.  It’s based on a concept by Nicolai Troshinsky.

I guarantee that if you download this app and start playing it, you’ll wake up in a couple of hours wondering why you can’t feel your arms.  You’ve been warned.

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