uBoast.com Revolutionizing the World of Recruiting

uBoast has created a very unique platform for job seekers and for companies seeking employees. The basic paper resume has finally been updated. While the technology in our lives continues to change, the one thing that remained the same was the method for submitting resumes to companies, until now.

Just like other job search sites, the basic methods are intact, the postings for jobs in your area are there, tools for updating or bettering your resume, interviewing tips, as well as some sample interview questions. The new technology that uBoast is bringing, is the ability to create, edit, and upload video resumes to the site.

Employers can now see your qualifications, rather than reading about them. Everyone can say they are full of energy and love people…employers now have a way to validate that, before wasting time on an interview candidate who will not make direct eye contact, is wearing a ICP t-shirt, and answers every question with a sarcastic tone.

This is a great benefit to employers and potential employees alike. uBoast while still mainly located in Washington D.C., has made mention of expansion to become nationwide in a few short months. uBoast offers in person, one on one video creation for your resume. The ability to be relaxed, no potential employer in the room, you can enjoy the creation of your video resume and be yourself, really show the employers what you have to offer.

I look forward to the expansion of uBoast; I feel it is a very innovative tool for employers and employees to match their personalities and skills. This could be the solution to bad employee/employer relationships, make the perfect match the first time, and enjoy the perfect job for the rest of your career.

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