Type n Walk – Type, Walk, Text, Tweet, all at Once

We’ve all tried it at least once: texting or tweeing from our phones while walking down the street.  Most of us, obviously, emerged unscathed, but nearly everyone who tries probably stumbles, nearly runs into something, or worse.  Well, worry no more: now there’s Type n Walk for your iPhone.

This little app is so ridiculously simple, it’s amazing nobody had the idea before.  It basically makes your phone’s screen transparent by using the camera to show you what’s going on in front of you while you type your message over the top of the live scene in front of you.

Probably the hardest thing about using this app is getting used to holding your phone in front of you rather than looking down at it.  Keeping the phone vertical as you walk allows its camera to show you what’s ahead while your peripheral vision covers everything else.

There are a lot of good uses for this app.  Keeping an eye on the room around you or the front door to your favorite meeting place as you wait for friends (and tweet) might be one.  Acting all James Bond and keeping the app on while you pretend to be engrossed in something while secretly spying on those around you?  Check.  Texting your friend while you drive down the street?  OK, not a good idea.

Pretty cool idea and a great app from CGactive LLC. It’s available in the iTunes App Store.  The following video shows how it works:

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