Twitter – Time to Monetize the Social Media Site?

Twitter MyspaceWe all have our own favorite social media site that we like to use. But when it comes to the bigger picture it seems as though Twitter is still getting better and more popular in the long term.

MySpace used to be a bigger player in the field of social media. But now it has been overtaken by Twitter, albeit by just a very small margin, but Twitter is growing from strength to strength. People are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that various improvements are constantly being implemented to the site. Some of these have already been put in place – such as a general re-design – while others are still in the pipeline.

But let’s not forget that Twitter has a very different audience to MySpace. The latter tends to focus on a younger audience while Twitter has a more immediate feel. So while it is certainly news that Twitter has surpassed, MySpace as far as general traffic is concerned, the comparison is perhaps slightly unfair.

Perhaps this story would be more eye opening if the two sites were targeting the same people. As it stands though, they are both making good progress in ensuring they develop and keep moving with the times. In this kind of market, it is fatal to stand still even for a minute.

The question now is how Twitter can monetize its ever-growing user base. A site over-populated with adverts will undoutedly scare off its fanbase. The site could opt to follow in the steps of Google and simply buy-out other web startups. Whatever course of action Twitter ultimately chooses, it will have to tread carefully in the fragile world of social media.

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