Twitter Qwitters Caught In the Act

Twitter Qwitters Caught In the Act

A new site, called Qwitter, promises to catch Twitter quitters. In the continual evolution of social websites, more and more users are becoming obsessed with tracking their friends, cohorts, and followers. This increased curiosity and, let’s face it, obsessive control, are becoming markets for emerging tech sites to capitalize on.

Enter Qwitter, which allows those who are possibly too curious for their own good to find out who is leaving their Twitter pages and unsubscribing from their tweets. No matter your chosen social networking site, be it MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter, you’re going to lose followers and subscribers because of something you said, didn’t say, or whatever. Welcome to social dynamics.

For some, however, this is apparently not a good enough explanation and they want to know who is leaving and when. Whatever their reasoning, Qwitter accommodates them, sending an email when someone stops following them on Twitter and after which tweet.

What this means for sites like Twitter is uncertain, but likely it will mean that people will begin to be more conscious of who they’re subscribing to because, eventually, they might have to leave. And that could get ugly.

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