Twitter Now Starting to Target Smaller Businesses as Well

Twitter MyspaceMany people are already aware that Twitter has started to bring in Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets too. The accounts are at present restricted to big name businesses though, with large figures being bandied about to illustrate how well this can be monetised.

Now it seems as if the advertising model could be expanded and developed to give smaller businesses the opportunity to get more out of Twitter as well. It will be interesting to see how e-commerce set ups will be able to benefit in this way. A lot of small businesses have already had to become more innovative with their advertising because of budgetary constraints. This has led to many of them using Twitter to promote their businesses anyway. So will the new model used by Twitter give better results than they are already getting?

It is early days yet but it seems as if Twitter is going to utilise a self serve method to get this going. Indeed from early indications the new model could well be more useful than simply trying to attract the right social media audience on your own. Those who already use Twitter for small business promotional purposes could well find that it becomes better and more usable in the near future.

It would seem as if the idea could also be developed and extended to apply to other apps as well. If people use Twitter on their iPhone for example, the ads could reach them there as well.

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