Twitter is Popular in the Freelancing World

Twitter MyspaceIt doesn’t take long to browse through the latest Google headlines to find stories about freelancers and their passion for Twitter. For many freelancers working from home, the site provides a quick and easy way to stay connected to other people in the same situation.

Some freelancers have even found work via the site, by using keywords to find appropriate tweets of interest. While some freelancers constantly tweet updates on the site, others use it only occasionally. But there is no doubt that it shows how important social media sites of all kinds can be to people who work from home.

Home working can be an isolating experience. This is probably why people of a similar ilk find each other to connect with on social media sites like Twitter. It would seem that creative individuals in particular enjoy the challenge of linking up with like minded people on Twitter. The limitation of having just a few words at your disposal to compose a message with obviously appeals to the creative types among us!

Make no mistake though: Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg. A recent report stated that a writer from the US updated her Facebook account some sixty times every single day. It acted as a way to connect with people instead of talking with workmates.

It would be hard to imagine the internet world without social media now. As we can see, freelancers in particular would miss it in more ways than one.

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