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twitter_resume.pngAlright, there are definitely two ways to look at this one.  Either this is the dumbest idea to hit Twitter since auto-following apps or this is the greatest new way to find a job.  I’m on the fence as to which one of these is, but I’m willing to at least give it a fair shake and see.  You be the judge.

The core of the site is simply a place to upload your resume and tweet it to your Twitter stream.  Your followers then see a tweet with a shortened URL link which brings up your resume once they’ve clicked on it.

Simple enough.

The app was created by the folks at ResumePark, whose site focuses on hosting resumes for easy display and linking.  Twitres is sort of ResumePark Lite.

Resumes can be uploaded in most popular formats: MS Word, OpenOffice, Rich Text, HTML, etc.  They are displayed in their original formatting on-screen, similar to Google Docs.  Resumes can be any reasonable length–some of the latest ones posted to the site are 8 and 9 pages long, which is a little bit lengthy.

The site gives little information about itself to potential users, but the Terms of Use are pretty solid.

Now the question is: how well does it work for job seekers?  That, I supposed, would depend on your network, the strength of your resume, and whether a prospective employer is willing to look at a resume on a site like this.  In the case of those with novellas-as-resumes, this at least will save them printing costs on those 9-page behemoths they’re passing around.

What do you think?  Is Twitres a good idea, or a total joke?

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