Tweeting Too Hard – Put the Self-Important Twitter-ers To Shame

tweeting-too-hardEveryone uses Twitter now. It’s a social phenomenon: Oprah uses it, astronauts Tweet from space (still questionable), and even television talk shows are using it to connect with their viewers. With all of these Twitter users, there’s another growing annoyance.

All of us have at least one person we’re following who keeps sending self-absorbed, boring Tweets. You know the type. The ones who tell us every move they’re making, who talk about their lives as if we’re intimately familiar with them. Those people who can compress ten tons of banality into 140 characters.

That’s what is about: those annoying, self-centered Twitter users.

Yep, they’re out there and it appears that they’re everywhere. Twitter is uniquely situated for these people. Ashton Kutcher proved that, for sure.

The term “followers,” used to refer to those who receive your Tweets, is probably the core of the issue. Power Twits use Twitter not as a communications tool or a way to stay connected with a wide range of people, but as a way to lord themselves in some kind of egotistic King of the Mountain game.

Well, now we can fight back through Tweeting Too Hard. Pretty simple concept, but very effective (potentially). How?

Think of it as Hot or Not for Twitter. Basically, Twitter users can submit tweets they think qualify as egotistical and self-absorbed. These get put onto the site and can be voted upon, either by repeat submissions from other Twitter users or by clicking the up-down arrows to vote.

The most often submissions of self-absorbed content will rise to the “top,” where they’ll receive the coveted (ha!) “I Am Very Important!” badge. To get your Twitter followers to vote for your submissions, you can send out a tweet using the “Share this morsel of twisdom” button.

Hopefully, Tweeting Too Hard will get popular enough to start curbing the self-absorbed Twits who keep sending their lame tweets to all of us. Worth a try, anyway.

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