TweetAnswers Answers Quick, part of a suite of sites by Michael Jensen called LiveTwitting, was created specifically to allow people to ask questions online and receive live, on-demand answers. The site is the home of a Twitter tool, though there is no download or installation requirement. It works entirely through Twitter itself without plugins.

Basically, users can ask questions by sending a question to @tweetanswers on Twitter and then watch the tweetanswers Twitter page or for a response from another user with an answer. Usually, if an answer is forthcoming, there will be several. Some topics have more followers than others, of course.

To answer a question, a user needs only send their answer to @tweetanswers on Twitter as well. Easy and straightforward for those who’re familiar with Twitter.

The questions and answers are separated by the headers, or beginning lines of the posts. Questions use “#topic” and then the question (the topic is optional, but is more likely to get you a fast answer) while answers use an answer ID as the topic (e.g. “#topic39”).

Users can subscribe to the questions and answers through Twitter or RSS or can just watch the website, the front page of which has all current questions and answers listed center stage.

This is a good idea for a Twitter ad-on and topic forum, though I fail to see how it generates any kind of revenue stream. Since it’s so easily set up and used, however, I doubt the creator really had any plans for monetizing it. These have traditionally been the best sources of real information on the Internet.

Jensen’s other sites include,,,, and others. TweetAnswers is not associated with Twitter. Other LiveTwitting sites include and

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  1. Thanks for mentioning TweetAnswers and the other sites! And just to clarify, is actually its own site (unrelated to the others).

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