Tweet Speaker – Listen to Twitter

Stuck in traffic? Out on a walk? In the kitchen with your hands covered in dough and grease?  Otherwise busy and not able to read your phone?  Still want to stay connected to the latest updates from your tweet stream?  Then Tweet Speaker is for you.

This app receives your Twitter stream and tells it (literally) to you.

The app features a beautiful user interface that is classic, refined, and simple.  It lets you listen to your tweets by converting them to speech through your iPhone’s speaker or earbuds.

You can adjust the reading speed, tell it which tweets to speak and which to ignore (via filters), and more.

The app comes from App Cubby, an iPhone app development team that has been working on iOS since its public release in 2008.  The team has several apps to its credit include Trip Cubby and Gas Cubby, a traveling duo for the road trip.

Tweet Speaker is a great app and one that, once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you got along without it.  The ability to listen to your tweets seems like a pretty dumb idea until you’ve used it for a while.  Then you begin to take it for granted as an easier, faster way to sort through your tweets everyday.

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