TurnTo – Putting the Social into Social Commerce

Social commerce is definitely an up and coming area of retailing online. With each day that goes by more and more companies are looking for innovative and unusual ways to engage with their target audience. For many of them it means looking for social networking sites they can join where their ideal customers will already be members.

But now there is a way you can bring social commerce to your own doorstep, with the help of a new site called TurnTo. Its strapline is ‘socialising online retail’ and when you see how it works you will see how true this is.

Basically TurnTo relies on information gained from a variety of existing social networks including Facebook. When you add TurnTo to your website you will give people more information when they are shopping for things. For example they could be thinking about buying a toaster. The TurnTo part of the site will show them that one of their friends has recently bought that same toaster and it will reveal what they thought about it if they left comments. This encourages the person to buy because they have personal information from a trusted source to go on as well as information from your website.

Lots of businesses have already given the system a try and some are featured on the TurnTo website so you can visit their sites and try the system for yourself. There is no doubt that this is an innovative and unusual system that could work extremely well.

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