TurboScan App for Scanning Multipage Docs

If you peruse the Business App section of iTunes much, you’ve probably seen TurboScan consistently at the top as the number one choice.  It has been for a year.  There’s a good reason for that – it may be the single most useful app anyone who needs an easy way to scan documents can get.  If you need to keep copies of business receipts, personal shopping receipts, or any document you run across (however many pages it may be), then you need this app.

To nutshell it, TurboScan takes a picture of the document in question and then automatically finds the paper’s edges, orients it, and smooths the lighting to make it look just like you copied it using a desktop scanner.  All from your iPhone with no other hardware required.

You can do this quickly with a single shot and get good results or take three shots through the SureScan mode and get a perfect result.  SureScan compares the three images, finds commonalities, and uses that information to smooth the document into one scanned image.

What’s more, TurboScan can link documents together, so you can scan page 1, 2, 3, 4.. and so on and have them all saved as a document group.  When you do this, the app will smooth them in a similar way so they all look the same when sent to someone or reprinted, giving the impression they were all scanned on the same machine at the same time (even if lighting changes or one isn’t quite square like the rest).

This is definitely a “must have” app.  You can use it to track everything from debit card purchase receipts to business receipts for reimbursement or write off to documents you’ve signed for legal reasons and want a quick copy of.  Very awesome and well worth the two bucks.

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