Tumbles – An iPhone Game Based on Gravity and Physics

It’s unusual for us here at sCommerce to look away from the usual app reviews and instead focus on a game, but this little iPhone gem is a lot of fun.  It’s the first game produced by Drahtwerk, a South German web/mobile development studio.  The game is based on gravity and requires the player to take into account physics as well as strategy to pop balloons on the screen.

Tumbles is similar to Tetris, in a way, but much more engaging and unique.  It takes advantage of the iPhone’s gyroscopic orientation ability, so that rather than punching buttons, you actively tilt and move the phone to take advantage of gravity to move the balloons where you want them to fall.

Matching colors “pops” the balloons, scoring points.  The more sequences you get, the higher your score.  You can also play against a friend via Bluetooth.

The game play and idea are extremely simple, but the came is nevertheless very, very addictive.  There are four game modes to choose from: Classic, Challenge, Blitz, and Multiplayer.  The first three are progressively harder versions of single play while the last pits you head-to-head against a friend.

The graphics are great and the ability to play your own music in the background while you make a fool of yourself tilting the screen this way and that will keep you highly entertained.  Note that playing this on the bus or at a coffee shop is likely to get you thrown into a set of white jammies and sent to a padded room.

The embarrassment is worth it, though.  Tumbles is a lot of fun.


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