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truecar_logoWhen you are looking for a new car you are given advice from EVERYONE! There is nothing wrong with listening to the guy up the street tell you about how great a deal his new truck was or getting advice from your co-worker on how to work the salesmen, but without the facts you are just leaving your purchase to chance.
How do you know what to offer when looking at a new vehicle? You can do the research and find out what the average price the dealer places on the sticker, but wouldn’t it be nice to know what people were actually paying for the car? is a one stop shop for all your answers on purchasing a new vehicle. You are given a visual chart that will show you the dealer price, the invoice price, as well as what the vehicle actually sold for.
Getting the price report will equip you with the knowledge that is needed to ensure you do not overpay for your next new vehicle. You no longer have to feel threatened by the intrusive car salesman’, there is no need to rely on what he tells you, you can walk through the dealership doors armed with the facts.
In addition to finding the “TRUE” price on a vehicle you are planning to purchase, you are given an armory of facts that will show you the best deals on all makes and models, as well as the worst. So, before you step foot on the dealers parking lot, check out reports that will save you time, money and stress!

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