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joobili.pngDo you know what you want to do on your vacation but not sure where to go to find it? Joobili is an inspiring site for travelers to get the experience they want and deserve from their holiday! Most sites for travel are geared towards location, location, location! Why not enjoy Joobili for a site geared towards events, attractions, and fun! Where you spend your vacation is usually not the most important thing, it is what you do on your vacation that makes it memorable, Joobili is the only site I have seen that understands this and is there to help.

Their database is compiled with the local events and attractions that are current to each European city at the time you wish to travel, so you simply enter in your time of travel and a few details about what you are interested in and Joobili will show you EXACTLY where to go to get it! What a bummer to find out that the city you chose for travel has nothing special going on once you get there, you will end up traveling even further just to indulge your interests. Don’t you think it is an ideal situation to decide that you would like to spend your time wine tasting and listening to jazz and have a site tell you where the jazz festivals are that are still near Vineyards?

It could take hours searching through cities finding out what events are planned for the nearby areas. You can spend seconds on Joobili, just put in your travel dates and have your itinerary customized to suit your needs.  If you are an event director you will love the ability to add your attraction to the sites directory and have millions of people that are interested in your venue being targeted towards the event with one simple mouse click.  So, whether you are planning an event or would like to be a part of one, the place to be is Joobili, the new and exciting way to travel.

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  1. I tried Joobili before and I find the site really friendly. I hope that they could provide more alternative to search more about hotels and tours.

  1. […] thing, it is what you do on your vacation that makes it memorable, Joobili is the only site click for more var gaJsHost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://ssl.” : […]

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